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We stirred up Strongwater's success by crafting a cocktail of compelling marketing, blending innovation with a splash of irresistible charm.

💡Paid Advertising
💡Email Marketing
💡Landing Page Development
☑️ Maintained a 1-2 blended first time customer roas
☑️ Implemented email marketing framework to close 20% additional conversions
☑️ Creative Development for All campaigns

Project Overview

The primary goal of this project was to enhance revenue and optimize ad spend for our client, Strongwater, through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We aimed to leverage the strengths of both Facebook and Google Ads, strategically integrating them with a robust email marketing approach using Klaviyo.


Our approach to digital marketing for Facebook and Google Ads involved a meticulous strategy to enhance revenue and optimize ad spend. Leveraging the power of Klaviyo, we implemented robust email marketing strategies to complement our paid advertising efforts. Through strategic segmentation and targeted content creation, our team developed highly effective automated flows, including abandoned cart campaigns and welcome series email flows. This integration of Klaviyo's capabilities allowed us to engage with customers at critical touchpoints, nurturing leads and encouraging conversions. The synergy between our social media ads and email campaigns not only strengthened brand visibility but also significantly improved the overall customer experience. The results were remarkable, with increased revenue, higher conversion rates, and a maximized return on ad spend, demonstrating the efficacy of our integrated digital marketing approach for Strongwater.


  • Marked increase in revenue generation, demonstrating the success of the integrated approach.
  • Improved return on ad spend (ROAS) through strategic optimization and continuous monitoring.
  • Elevated brand visibility and customer engagement across Facebook, Google Ads, and email marketing channels.
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