Case Studies

Hardworking Gentleman

We groomed success for Hardworking Gentleman with a savvy blend of sophistication and ecommerce magic.

💡Paid Advertising
💡Landing Page Development
☑️ Maintained a 1-2 blended ROAS on Meta and google
☑️ Helped HWG Craft a D2C first first time customer offer
☑️ Creative Development of landing pages and ad creative

Project Overview

Hardworking Gentleman, approached our agency seeking a comprehensive solution to boost their presence on Facebook and Google. With a vision to scale their operations, particularly targeting the competitive Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, they entrusted us to take over their advertising campaigns and elevate their overall digital strategy.


We initiated a comprehensive restructuring of Facebook and Google campaigns, refining targeting and bidding strategies to maximize ROI. Simultaneously, our team revamped creative assets, crafting visually compelling content aligned with the brand's identity. A dedicated landing page, designed for optimal user experience, seamlessly complemented the refreshed campaigns. As a result, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events saw a substantial increase in return on ad spend, heightened audience engagement, and stable metrics. Moving forward, our focus remains on leveraging data-driven insights to ensure sustained growth and success in the dynamic landscape of Hardworking Gentleman.


  • Impressive ROI: The optimized campaigns resulted in a significant increase in return on ad spend, surpassing the client's expectations.
  • Engagement Surge: The refreshed creative assets and landing page contributed to a notable uptick in audience engagement, driving brand awareness and interest.
  • Stable Metrics: By diligently monitoring and adjusting campaign parameters, we achieved a stable and predictable advertising performance, mitigating potential disruptions during the high-stakes sales events.
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