Case Studies

Snaps Clothing

Snaps Clothing soared to fashion prominence, seamlessly stitching style and success through a strategic tapestry of e-commerce marketing excellence

💡Paid Advertising
💡Email Marketing
💡Landing Page Development
☑️ Reached a 5-10% Conversion Rate on Landing Page
☑️ Maintained a 3-4 blended ROAS on Meta and google
☑️ Added 5 figured in additional revenue from email marketing
☑️ Creative Development for All campaigns

Project Overview

Snaps Clothing, proudly designed in Dallas, TX, entrusted us with the mission to create a scalable and profitable marketing funnel using META and Google Ads. Renowned for their commitment to crafting high-quality apparel with custom pearl snaps, Snaps Clothing's goal was to provide unmatched comfort, versatility, and style—from work calls to last calls and tailgates to date nights.


Our approach was methodical and diversified. We crafted compelling advertisements, showcasing the unique features of Snaps apparel, emphasizing soft, breathable fabrics and custom pearl snaps. The campaign spanned META and Google platforms, strategically structured for efficiency and stable results. Tactics were employed to boost Average Order Value (AOV), and meticulous content testing, along with on-page conversion rate optimization, refined the Cost of Acquisition (CAC), enhancing overall campaign performance.


The impact of our efforts over a 6-month period is quantified in impressive statistics. Snaps Clothing witnessed a transformative journey:Facebook ROAS surged from less than 0.5 to a remarkable 2.2, accompanied by a significant reduction in CPA from $350+ to a sub $50.

November performance exceeded expectations, outperforming the previous year by over 10x, and doubling the previous best month, with a first-time customer ROAS surpassing 2—a remarkable feat in the clothing industry.

The diversified structure across META and Google platforms not only ensured efficiency but also delivered stable and reliable results.This collaborative venture has not only boosted sales but positioned Snaps Clothing as a success story in the highly competitive world of online apparel.

The brand's commitment to quality combined with our strategic advertising has paved the way for enduring customer relationships, marking a significant increase in customer lifetime value.

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