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Island Brands USA

How we leveraged NASCAR to create high CTR scroll stopping campaigns on META and Google Ads.

💡Paid Advertising
💡Email Marketing
💡Landing Page Development
💡Social Media Management
☑️ Reached a 5-10% Conversion Rate on Landing Page
☑️ maintained a 3-4 blended ROAS on Meta and google
☑️ Added 5 figured in additional revenue from email marketing
☑️ Creative Development for All campaigns

Project Overview

We developed a multi-channel campaign for crowdfunding via Start Engine for Island Brand. The campaign's primary goal was to utilize META and Google Ads to engage with the NASCAR and Island Racing audience, resulting in increased brand loyalty and connections within this sizable target demographic.


To achieve our objectives, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy. Firstly, we leveraged the unique angle of NASCAR and Island Racing to create scroll-stopping advertisements. These compelling ads were instrumental in achieving a remarkable Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of over 4. Our campaign encompassed several components, including whitelisting through the athlete's profile (NASCAR Driver Kaz Grala), deploying META and Google ads, executing Email Marketing campaigns, and optimizing Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). All of these elements were meticulously managed, created, and executed by our expert team at Media Jet. Furthermore, as part of our efforts, our website development team transformed the campaign's elements and content into an engaging Island Racing landing page. This strategic move paid off, as the landing page successfully converted more than 12% of all website traffic into valuable email leads.


The end result (and currently evolving) is outlined below, with our client meeting 2021-2022 revenue goals month over month, This was achieved by creating a strong connection with their customers, allowing them to have a long lasting relationship, ultimately increase sales and customer life time value.

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