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5 Steps to Overcome a Dip in Email Marketing Performance After the Holidays

If you have found your email performance has dropped over the last few weeks, you're not alone! Here are some steps you can take to turn things around as we head into the new year.

Email marketing is very active over the holidays as many businesses send out promotional emails in an attempt to grab a piece of increased consumer spending. The performance of email marketing, however, frequently takes a minor hit in the weeks that follow the holidays, due to general email fatigue and consumer spending habits. If you have found your performance has dropped, here are some steps you can take to try to turn things around as we head into the new year:

  1. Take a break: If you've been blasting your subscribers with emails in the run-up to the holidays, it can be beneficial to give them a breather and take a brief break from email marketing. This can lessen email fatigue and give your users time to catch up on their emails, which will lead to them being more receptive to your efforts later on.
  2. Refocus your messaging: Consumers may be eager to pay their bills and get back on a budget after the holidays. Consider putting more of an emphasis on developing consumer loyalty and engagement rather than just advertising specials and discounts. You may achieve this by emphasizing the special qualities and advantages of your items or by providing worthwhile material, such as advice, instructions, or insider access to your company.
  3. Segment your email list: Consider segmenting your email list depending on variables like demographics, location, or previous purchase history rather than delivering the same message to all of your subscribers. This will enable you to customize your messaging for particular client demographics, which may improve relevancy and engagement.
  4. Personalize your emails: In addition to segmenting your list, you can personalize your emails by including the recipient's name in the email's subject line or body. Personalization can help your emails seem more valuable to your readers and boost their appeal.
  5. Test out different frequencies for your emails: If you've been sending emails on a regular basis, you might want to vary the frequency to see if it affects your performance. Try sending emails more regularly, less frequently, or on a different day of the week and assessing how it affects your email campaigns.

Try following these tips to overcome dips in email marketing performance during the post-holiday lulls. If you need any additional help or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our email marketing experts. We are here to support your success!

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