Case Studies

Chefs Kiss

We cooked up Chef's Kiss success with a perfect blend of marketing alchemy, turning wholesome pasta into a mouthwatering masterpiece

💡Paid Advertising
💡Email Marketing
💡Landing Page Development
💡Social Media Management
☑️ Reached a 3% Conversion Rate on Landing Page
☑️ Maintained a 4 blended ROAS on Meta
☑️ Added 5 figured in additional revenue from email marketing
☑️ Creative Development for All campaigns

Project Overview

The primary objective of the Chefs Kiss Pasta launch project was to introduce and establish Chefs Kiss as a prominent player in the healthy alternative pasta market, leveraging the unique benefits of Lupin. Our aim was to not only drive brand awareness but also to achieve a substantial Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and identify and solidify the product-market fit.


Launching Chefs Kiss, a Lupin-based healthy alternative pasta, was a multifaceted success as we took charge of their entire digital presence. Managing their social media platforms and spearheading their Facebook advertising campaign, we directed targeted traffic to meticulously crafted landing pages. Through a process of continuous refinement, we fine-tuned the creative elements of the campaign until we achieved an outstanding Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 4. This exceptional performance not only marked the launch triumph but also provided a solid foundation for Chefs Kiss to maintain and fortify their product-market fit. Our comprehensive approach ensured a seamless integration of marketing strategies, social media engagement, and compelling ad content, creating a compelling narrative around the product that resonated with the target audience. Chefs Kiss now stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in establishing and sustaining a successful brand in the competitive food industry.


The Chefs Kiss Lupin Pasta launch project resulted in a highly successful market entry, establishing the brand as a trusted and preferred choice in the healthy pasta segment. The iterative approach to creative refinement, coupled with a comprehensive social media and advertising strategy, not only achieved short-term goals but also laid the foundation for long-term brand sustainability and growth. Chefs Kiss is now positioned as a key player, exemplifying the impact of strategic digital marketing in the food industry.

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